Nature's Own Energy.

I have been taking Co-E1 NADH 5mg for a about 1 1/2 years.

I am a 52 year old female; I had leukemia in 1986,  it was cured with a bone marrow transplant  that same year .

I originally ordered Co-E1 NADH 5mg to see if would help my  lack of energy and brain fog ,  BUT  TO MY AMAZEMENT, I ALSO  DISCOVERED IT  STOPS  my foot psoriasis  breakouts and  helped my  thinning  hair to grow back in.

The loss of hair (3X) due to chemo was devastating. When my hair did grow back, I ended up with a very, very thin front hair line  and it still kept a regular cycle of falling out in handfuls.  I lived with it like that for 23 years … when I started taking this product (for energy) I was amazed that within a week, how it stopped the constant scalp tingling (a sure sign my hair was going to fall/thin out again) and  amazed how my hairline started filling in again a few weeks later after the tingling stopped. My hair started to look like it used to before the chemo.

So much so,  when I last saw my doctor he  was very surprised  at my full head of hair , he said “ are you wearing a wig? (I laughed and tugged at my hair to prove I wasn’t), then he said “your hair looks so good, he said he would have never been able to tell that I was once a cancer patient, then said, “are you sure you  even  had cancer treatment ? .”

In early 2000, I began to suffer from debilitating foot psoriasis (on the soles of my feet) – it was so  painful  I couldn’t walk; I had to glue the deep cracks to reduce the pain, the ever constant breakout of  itchy  blisters felt like a severe burn.

Last year, after 3 days of taking Co-E1 NADH (5mg) I noticed the blisters on my feet calmed down, and  no new blisters were erupting,  within weeks my feet  had  cleared up. Last summer was the first summer I could actually wear sandals , walk without pain and not be self-conscious of my ugly blistered feet – I was so happy!!!

6 months ago, I ran out of the Co-E1 NADH (5mg)   and thought maybe it  wasn’t what  stopped my psoriasis,  I thought perhaps it was just  that  I no longer had  psoriasis , so I never ordered anymore.


Early this Spring my feet broke out again – real bad  AND  my scalp was doing the tingle/fall out  cycle thing again. I immediately got some more C0-E1 5mg NADH. And AGAIN with in 3 days my feet are clearing up and within a week my scalp no longer tingles, my hair quit falling out and is coming back in.  I won’t stop taking C0-E1 5mg NADH for 6 months at a time again – that is for sure!

I write you because I notice on your site that nothing like this is mentioned … and I REALLY think you need to put something about  what  I think is a symptom stabilizing  “cure’ on your site, because there are way too many of us out there suffering with psoriasis and  from hair thinning/loss due to chemo….

I write this testimony so that others see what Co-E1 NADH (5mg) did for my problems and I “maybe” it can work the same miracles for them as it did for me !

With my utmost amazement and sincerit

--C. MacDonald- Calgary, Alberta

ENADA provides me with a high level of sustainable energy that lasts from the time I take the supplement in the morning continuously until I fall asleep at night. And I am able to sustain this level of peak performance throughout the day without having to drink even one cup of coffee!

--Sage R. – USA

My total feeling of well-being improves greatly with NADH. I feel well, younger, energetic, better outlook.

--Marihn T. – NY, NY

Of all my supplements, I notice a difference if I miss a day of ENADA.

--Harriet H. – NY, NY

I am using ENADA for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has been just 2 months since I started using ENADA with dramatic results. All physician prescribed medication have been discontinued and replaced strictly by ENADA, the results are phenomenal.

--Nancy D. – Harrisburg, PA

After taking ENADA for the past month for my depression, I no longer need to take my regular medications that were prescribed to me from my physician. The side effects were intolerable. ENADA not only lifted my depression but gave me a new found energy and outlook on life! Thanks for informing me of this great product.

--Gino M. – Bronx, NY

I just want to say what a relief ENADA has been in my life. I have Fibromyalgia for the past several years and the excruciating pain associated with this is at times unbearable! It has brought relief in my life and has allowed me to be my normal self again.

--Helen M. – Lodi, NJ

Thank you for introducing me to ENADA. I feel like dancing again, I feel that wonderful. My depression is no longer there and I must say that it feels good to be back. More people must really be informed about this product! Thanks again!

--Anna B. – Garfield, NJ

Thank you for introducing me to this truly amazing product. You cannot believe what a relief this product has given me concerning my illness (CFS) and (Fibromyalgia) which are both interrelated. Enada has truly lifted many of the symptoms that are related with these illnesses. Many more people with this problem need to know about ENADA. It has really helped when all else has failed.

--Samantha N. – Bronx, NY

I tried ENADA and felt that stress was much easier to handle. I also felt that my strength and energy level in the gym was greatly improved. I take 5 – 10mgs before my workout and it has changed the quality for my workouts. Thanks!

--Leo R. – Clifton, NJ

After taking Enada for the past 3 months my moods and general well-being has improved 90-95%. My depression is lifted and my felling and awareness is better today than it has been in 5 years or more. Thanks for introducing me to this great product.

--Donnie Z. – Yonkers, NY

Neither words nor paper can describe what ENADA has done for me! Within the first day I actually felt relief from my Fibromyalgia, shoulder and neck pain that was beyond of what I can describe! As long as I keep using ENADA I feel great. I just wish I would have found out sooner about this truly wonderful product.

--Margaret V. – Bronx, NY

As a Natural Health Consultant, I am always in search of any nutritional breakthrough that may be of benefit in health related matters. And I must say that I have never come across a product that truly gets results as quickly as NADH, especially in those afflicted with CFS, as my clients can attest to. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.

--Tony X. – Lodi, NJ

Within the first week, my family and I began to see drastic change in my facial masking and rigidity. After a month into the NADH I am taking 12.5mg without any Sinemet. My only regret is that I did not know of it sooner, but without I would hate to imagine where I would be without it.

--William C. – Fayetteville, TN

Improvements Noted: Better balance, more alert, hallucinations diminished, mood improved, and memory improved, able to hold head upright.

--M.E.G. – Manassas, VA

You have helped me more in 30 days without ever seeing me than 7 doctors have with their examinations, treatments, and medications. I took the first NADH on Monday morning and on Thursday morning I was surprised at how good I felt as I was walking from the bus stop to the courthouse where I work. I have steadily felt better stronger each day.

--Jane L. – USA

After taking Enada I have greatly improved.

--Phyllis Reily – Georgetown, TX

The memory has improved on little things and recall is much faster.

--JR – USA

Improvement was noticed in about 15 days in energy, short term memory improved, and is still improving after 30 days.

--John Muehring – Hemet, CA

I notice short bursts of energy at times. It feels like I am normal again, before I got Parkinson’s.

--Ronald Brimer – Calif.

My Father’s attitude, verbalization, physical abilities remain very good.

--Ms. Albertina Walski – San Bernardino, Calif.

From the first day I took Enada I felt better than I had in months. I take other supplements but this has helped my memory better than anything I have taken.

--Jim Myers – Council Bluffs, Iowa